About the Artist

The process of painting excites me as a visual recording of experience, where layers of the process are not all apparent, but influence the final result just as much as that which is obvious. This allows the viewer to bring their own interpretations and history to the work, broadening the picture beyond the frame.

I work in a reactive and unplanned approach to the composition. My process is driven by the interaction of layers as they build and the visual history that is recorded, disguised, re-revealed and merged to create the final result. 

The work is composed of atmospheric and organic forms but are altogether abstract, creating a dialog with the viewer that is entirely subjective.

Recent work is an exploration of watercolor and ink mark making on paper. Past work includes oil on wood panel and oil on canvas with embroidery elements. 


Andrea Kendall graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art in 2001. She lives in Northern California, USA with her daughter.